What the bible says about women

  1. The creation of woman was the first thing recorded that wasn’t made from dust. Woman was made from man. That shows howprecious and valuable a woman is to God. Gen 2:22.
  2. Eve was easily convinced by satan to eat the forbidden fruit because she wanted the wisdom it would give her. Women are easily convinced by things God does not want us to run to; forbidden things. We must be on guard; knowing that even theFIRST woman created was convinced. Gen 3:6.
  3. Adam blamed Eve. Yes, it was Eve that made the first move but Adam was just as guilty. Man didn’t stop woman. He waspassive. Stay away from passive men and men that point the finger. Gen 3:12.
  4. The Lord said that because of Eve’s fall, the pain of pregnancy would be sharpened to all women and…our curse…we will have thedesire to control our husbands. That has to be continuously fought against! Gen 3:16

More to come…

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