And now, I breathe.

If you asked me to sum up my life in the last few years, I really don't think I could. I've accomplished something greater than myself. The Lord placed a calling in me that I was afraid of. I ignored it for 2 years. He wouldn't stop calling me to it. So, I went. I dropped out of the school I was in and went to another one. I enrolled in nursing school. I thought I was crazy. I thought God was crazy. I just knew that I wouldn't be able to do it. I didn't even believe in myself. But, my Father did. Oh, how He believed in me.

So, down the path I went. Just because I followed the Lord doesn't mean that it was easy. This was the hardest path in my life. There were so many obstacles that were thrown in my way. Not just in school, but outside of school. Hearts were broken, worlds were shattered, friends were lost. Seasons were bad. But, thankfully, some seasons were good. There were things I failed at and the Lord made me do them again. He never ever once allowed me to give up. Not once. No matter how many times I told Him I couldn't do it. Throughout the tears and failures, He was shaping me. He was shaping me for something that I still haven't even seen. And, I'm excited about it.

Today, I found out I passed my state boards. Hallelujah! I'm the real deal. I'm a nurse. I'm legal! :)

Just now, Father led me to this(I changed the "him" to "her" and "he" to "she" get it) :

"How she rejoices in your strength, O Lord!
She shouts with joy because you give her victory.
For you have given her her heart's desire;
you have withheld nothing she requested.
You welcomed her back with success and prosperity.
You placed a crown of finest gold on her head.
She asked you to preserve her life,
and you granted her request.
The days of her life stretch on forever.
Your victory brings her great honor,
And you have clothed her with splendor and majesty.
You have endowed her with eternal blessings
and given her the joy of your presence.
For she trusts in the Lord.
The unfailing love of the Most High will keep her from stumbling."

-Psalm 21:1-7

Glory to God.

Nurse Katie


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NCLEX-RN: The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
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PSS: This was the song I listened to before EVERY test. His love is so strong.
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Hi. Hey. Hello.

Last weekend, Chance and I had a wedding to attend. Chance was in the wedding so we had to attend the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, get there early for the wedding, etc, etc.

Since I'm obviously not from Jacksonville, every time I go down for a visit, I'm always meeting new people. There's never going to be one trip when I meet everyone that Chance knows. He knows a lot of peeps! Anyway, the wedding he was in wasn't with people he hangs out with regularly but the groom was an old friend of his that asked Chance to be in the wedding. To make a long story short, I'd never met any of these people.

At the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, I felt awkward because I literally knew no one but my man. I mean, how do you handle that situation, "Uhhh, what's up guys...just crashin' your rehearsal and thanks for the free food?!?". I understand that weddings are hectic and everyone is trying to figure out each detail the night before, so I didn't take offense that no one was really paying me any attention. I mean, I wasn't like the ultimate honored guest whose presence was vital. Of course my man made me feel like a princess by making me feel like I was the only gal in the room, so that was sweet. At the end of the night, I was a little aggravated at certain things and the fact that it wasn't a very welcoming environment. But, I quickly got over it and over myself.

The next day, wedding day, Chance and I headed out early because, as a groomsman, he had to do the wedding party-get ready-let's take a million pictures-thing. So, I dropped him off and went on a little shopping adventure by myself. Thank Jesus for GPS! I'm not known to know my way around even Greenville. While I was out on the town, waiting for the wedding to start, I was dreading going because I knew I'd feel awkward and not have anyone to talk to. Since Chance was in the wedding, I'd look like a big ole' loser just chillin' by myself in the audience.

But things took a turn...

While I was standing around, by myself, at the venue...waiting for the wedding to start, a sweet little lady about my age, began walking towards me with a big ole' smile on her face. She came up to me and said, "Are you Chance's girlfriend?! My husband and I recognize you from Facebook pictures!" Oh praise Jesus for Facebook! Of course I told her yes and we struck up a conversation. She led me back to the group of people she and her husband were with and asked me if I'd like to sit with them at the wedding. So, I did. I sat with them during the wedding and they reserved a spot for me at their reception table. How tender. It literally changed my entire outlook on the evening.

I know I've been blabbing on about myself but Jesus really taught me something that night. If you ever see someone just standing alone in a crowd, reach out and speak to them, whether you know them or not. You never know how out of place a person feels so make an effort to speak. I admit I'm not great at doing this but since it was done to me, I can not ignore it if I see it now that the kindness has been given to me. So, if you see someone standing by themselves, at least make an effort to say Hi, Hey, or Hello. :)

What next?

What a whirlwind of a week!
  • I graduated nursing school (PRAISE THE LAWD!).
  • Continuously studying for my boards.
  • The family was in town.
  • My handsome man came to town.
  • I went back to FL with him for a few days.
  • We had a wedding to attend.
  • Squeezed in some quality time with Brooke Downing.
  • Drove back to SC
It was funz-ies but I'm tired! After a week like that, I don't know what to do with myself. Now, I'm just chilling in my house, with my dog, in silence.

Over the next few weeks, before I take my state boards (ugggh), I'll have plenty of time on my hands. I do love it though when I have time to reflect and rest in what God's getting ready to do with me. During that reflection time, I love to write! So, what topics would y'all be interested in reading about? I'd love your input!

My next write will probably be on a season of waiting because God's really laying that on my heart to explore. I'm also getting great feedback from many that I feel are also in a season of waiting. Let me know your thoughts! :)

Happy Monday!

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