Let's help a family!

I've recently been informed about a family that needs help!

The situation: The husband/father is dying of cancer. He's not expected to win this battle and the family is in financial distress. Because of the medical bills the family has had difficulty paying their power bill and even utilities. The wife also has a fear of being unable to pay for any funeral expenses if her husband loses his battle with cancer. They have three young children ages 10, 5, and 2. The last power bill was $315 and the only amount paid towards the bill was $150...and that was just to keep the power on!

What can be done: You can donate money online through the "ChipIn" widget below. The money goes through me and then directly to the family. My goal is to do more than pay just a power bill! We have the opportunity to bless this family with more than that! So, let's do it!

If you have any questions, you may contact me directly through facebook or via email:


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